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Progressing Cavity Pump

Progressing Cavity PumpThe progressing Cavity Pump consists of the stator and the rotor. It is intended for the oil lifting in wells with the flow rate from 0,5 t/day till 300 t/day. The PCP is widely used in difficult-to-extract unconventional reserves characterized by the high presence of abrasive products, the important depth (till 2500 meters), etc. The modern PCP models are used for the extraction of both highly viscous oil and high-gravity oil.

The limits of use are defined by the tensile strength of rods, the presence of aromatic hydrocarbons, the reservoir temperature, the high presence of paraffin and the intensity of deviations in inclined and horizontal wells.
We propose to our clients the high-quality pumps manufactured by the company PCM (France).

PCM Vulcain demo

Largest range of PCP

  • 40 models, representing 6 series, with from 2.3/8" OD to 6.5/8" OD
  • Flow up to 1000 m3/D (6200 bfd)
  • Pressure up to 340 Bars (4930 psi) – 2200 m TMD max setting depth

In-house elastomer (8 to 45° API, 110°C, CO2/H2S) from the company PCM

  • PCM Formulated elastomer
  • Oil gravity from 7 to 46 °API
  • Temperature up to 120°C
  • Resistance to CO2/H2S and aromatic contents
  • Various resilience for abrasives handling

  Selecting the progressing cavity pump

To provide the reliability and performance of the progressing cavity pump in these extreme operating conditions, we have created PCM Vulcain™: the world’s first all-metal progressing cavity pump. It is capable of lifting extremely hot (350°C/660°F), highly viscous hydrocarbons.

Developed over the past decade in partnership with leading oil companies, PCM Vulcain™ has a long track record of field-proven performance in Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) and Cyclic Steam Stimulation (CSS) thermal recovery. Today, with its worldwide launch, the advantages of PCM Vulcain are now available to you. 

PCM Vulcain™ key benefits

Steady & efficient production

  • Outperforms beam pumps in overall system efficiency
  • Less fragile than electric submersible pumps.
  • Very efficient at low submergence
  • Handles highly viscous fluid without rod falls.

Lower lifecycle costs

  • Lower CAPEX than rod or submersible pumps
  • Low workover costs
  • Reduces installation and operating complexity

Reduced environmental impact

  • Highly energy efficient operation
  • Seal packing prevents site contamination due to leakage
  • Smaller footprint reduced impact on landscape



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